Well, hey there! We can’t wait to meet you! Our names are Daniel and Bekah and we have been a part of Radiant Anchorage since 2019. Daniel is originally from Wisconsin and Bekah is from Missouri, but we moved up to Alaska from Las Vegas, NV. Daniel works in the rescue community with the Alaska Air National Guard and Bekah is a Kindergarten teacher. It is our joy to serve at Radiant by leading our Gospel Community on Wednesdays and helping to lead music every other Sunday. We would love to have you join our GC and live life together of the same mind, same love, and united in spirit all to glorify God (Phil 2:2). Whether you are just trying to figure out who God is or have been a believer for 30+ years, come hang with us and let’s figure things out together through the lens of the Bible. Find us at church or call or text Daniel at (920)905-3050 or Bekah at (573)366-4415 for more information.