We started attending Radiant in 2015. Heather is a nurse and is from Fairbanks while Levi works in pathology and Providence and is pursuing his Masters in Biology. They just had their first baby in September 2019, and have a lovable dog named Matanuska who is very friendly. We share a meal together followed with a bible study and discussion. We try to have game nights once a month. We rotate houses to host our GC. If you would like to be part of our GC family, please call 907-978-1100 for the address we are currently meeting.


Athanasiou GC


We are the Athanasiou family! My wife (Celia) and I (Niko), and our kids (Aria, Theo, & Oliver) moved back to Anchorage from Denver, CO in Jan of 2017. We joined the Radiant family that spring. Their dedication to community and Gospel intentionality really sparked our interest. We jumped right in and started leading a GC 6 months later.

Our GC meets on the Eastside of town and has many people who have joined Radiant in the past few years. We are a group of people from many different states who are in a wide variety of life stages. We have people who are single, just married, with kids, and who have been married for a long time. We love learning from each other’s very different view points and backgrounds. We value transparency and, as a new group, are intentionally deepening relationships.

If you’re interested in going deep in Community and your relationship with Jesus, you can contact us at 907-230-5417 / 907-441-9954; we would love to have you!